Cyprus Company Formations

Excellent trade and holding regime in low tax jurisdiction

Cyprus Company Formations

Excellent trade and holding regime in low tax jurisdiction

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Cyprus company formation

Cyprus is one of the member states of the European Union. This status provides opportunities for worldwide entrepreneurs who want to benefit from the attractive tax climate, labor laws and the EU mobility rights. Cyprus company formation is fast, easy and affordable but is only for serious businesses.

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    Accounting Services

    Bookkeeping is a requirement for companies incorporated and registered in Cyprus. Additionally, annual returns and (consolidated) financial statements must be prepared by a qualified accountant. To ensure efficient, effective and above all tailored services, our specialized team provides customers with a package deal for company formation, accounting services and other tasks.

    Cyprus company bank account opening

    Bank account opening

    Whether a Cyprus company is used as a stand alone trading company or as a holding company, a bank account is often required. A bank account in Cyprus provides a combination of confidentiality and protection, when used appropriately. Our founding partners have extensive experience in banking and banking law which allows us to select reliable, trustworthy, and stable banking partners.

    Company Formation

    Our non-resident clientele needs a professional corporate service provider to comply with international and domestic rules of substance and presence. Appropriate use of the Cyprus company triggers one of the lowest corporate income tax regimes of the EU. Alongside this fiscal advantage, company formation in Cyprus provides several beneficial means for international companies.


    When a company stops trading, is inactive, or its burden of debt justifies closure, company liquidation can provide relief. However, procedural mistakes can have far-reaching consequences and turn into personal liability of the beneficial owner of the company. Alongside company formation and related corporate services, we assist to properly liquidate Cyprus companies.


    Beneficiaries of Cyprus companies can have several reasons to reactivate the company. The most common motive for reactivation is to restore protection that follows the legal separation of ownership and control, versus the company itself. Over the years we successfully helped customers to reactivate for legal proceedings, tax investigations, asset recovery, and inheritance proceedings.

    Tax residency

    Alongside the benefits of the attractive corporate tax regime, individuals can become a Cyprus tax resident. Such tax residency allows those who comply with the requirements of the program to utilize non-domicile status and thus take advantage of several lengthy tax benefits. These include the exemption of income tax on dividend and personal and passive income earned outside Cyprus.

    VAT administration

    VAT is a mandatory taxation levied on goods and services, and its increased value. Cyprus companies need to maintain a VAT administration and periodically submit its results to the domestic tax authorities. VAT charges to customers and payments to suppliers result in a tax refund or a charge to the authorities. We assist customers to register and obtain a VAT number, administer, and file VAT.



    2020 Double Tax Treaty Russia - Cyprus: Reduction of Witholding taxes

    Cyprus has for decades been one of the biggest investors in Russia and currently is the biggest investor. However, considering Cyprus’ small size one will understand that the vast majority of investments into Russia that are labelled as ‘’investments from Cyprus’’ are in fact investments through Cyprus. To be more specific, the vast majority of the investments is made through holding companies based in Cyprus, set up by third country investors (or investors from Russia, see hereafter).


    Cyprus Changes Tax Treatment of Income from Exploitation of Intangible Assets

    Cyprus companies are used for many different purposes by international investors. They are used as holding companies for investments in foreign subsidiaries, private portfolio investment vehicles, trading activities, supply of services, financing activities, investment fund activities and also for exploitation of intangible assets (intellectual property). Income from the exploitation of qualifying intangible assets, including the sale, may, provided that certain conditions are met, be subject to an effective tax rate of 2.5% only


    Cyprus Kazakhstan double tax treaty enters into force​

    On 17 January 2020, the Cyprus-Kazakhstan double tax treaty (hereafter the Treaty) entered into force. The application of the provisions of the Treaty starts as per the beginning of 2021. The Treaty is a welcome addition to Cyprus’ already quite impressive list of treaties with more than 60 countries. Under the Treaty, gains derived by a resident of a Contracting State from the alienation of (non-listed) shares in the capital of a company based in the other Contracting State, may be taxed in the latter State.