Legal Floris LLC

Legal Floris LLC

Commercial businesses need to be profitable to obtain and warrant their right to exist. When companies are structured appropriately and a solid balance between value for money and essential needs is established, there is a focus on growth and profitability. Such a focus is triggered by transparent and quality advice, as well as meticulous service. Cyprus Company Formations aims to provide this function to sophisticated, professional and straightforward business people.

Legal Floris LLC founded this website on Cyprus Company Formations together with Equation CS. Our common objective is to ensure that professionals benefit from the corporate infrastructure Cyprus provides for international business. Our background and experience allows us to reduce financial risk and improve corporate stability. Something most international businesses need.

The main activities of Legal Floris LLC contain asset and fund recovery services for high net worth individuals and (offshore) companies in bank failure and investment fraud. At the extension of these services, many of our clients need a variety of professional and corporate services that allow them to safeguard and continue their work while Legal Floris LLC helps them to reclaim their assets. One of these professional and corporate services provided to them is Cyprus Company Formations. With this website, Legal Floris LLC and Equation CS provide others, outside our traditional portfolio, as well with corporate services.

Small business owners in need of a corporate structure to ease their international operation, can choose from a variety of jurisdictions to establish their business. One of the advantages to set up a business in Cyprus is the entrance to the European single market which allows the company to utilize the advantages of the isolated economic area. Another benefit is that Cyprus company Formations is easy, fast and the activities of the company are charged against one of the lowest corporate income tax rates in the European Union.

More information about our activities is available on the website of Legal Floris LLC. To speak directly with a representative of Legal Floris LLC, please call us in the USA at 646 513 2855 or in Cyprus at 25 057 544.